Feb 4, 2011

Great reasons to own a PS3

Ok so you have been thinking about getting a shiny new PS3 right? Of course you have, they're all the rage!

Let me tell you some more reasons to make you even more excited about this purchase:
1. The PS3 is all black, shiny, and sleek. You know what else fits that description? Stealth bombers. That's right.

2. You can freaking use Netflix straight from the PS3! What kind of witchcraft is this you might say. None I would reply, it's called science.

3. The PSN is absolutely free, unlike the competitor... Unless of course you want PSN+ which is A great purchase if you're into that kind of thing. Getting PSN+ gives you access to the latest games/trailers/movies before others.

4. If you decide to go rogue and install a custom firmware with a guide found here then you can start learning to program and make your own homebrew! Maybe you want to make a game? Maybe you want to make a pseudo-modern-art audio/visual experience. The choice is yours.

5. The PS3 has the best games around, hands down. I don't care what you XBOX fanboys say.


  1. Hey, thanks for putting this up. I'm currently deciding between a PS3 and Xbox. Guess I'll be going with the PS3 for sure now.

  2. I'd have to agree, PS3 ftw, you make some good points.

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  4. i love to play COD MW2 ON PS3 with my friends

  5. I would prefer an xbox, but I like to hear your point of view!

  6. Great blog, Im gonna start following you!! Check out mine blog too if youd like.

  7. I have a Wii and the only game I play with friends is Mario Kart...